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Up next, Madoc returns to Britain while
descendants from ancestors in the first
three books find their promiseland
up the Mississippi-Missouri streams in:


This detail proposed as the
Series' Fourth cover illustration
shows the vessel the Mandans
called the Big Canoe. American
artist George Catlin Catlin
painted what he saw-- in the
larger painting, the Artist
inserted himself as a witness
to make an authentic
document of his work. He saw
a man-size barrel called by
Medieval sailors a tun, a
container mead, the fermented
honey beverage beloved of
Welsh, Nordic and Irish crews
such as those serving on Madoc's
Viking-style longboat.

This painting and hundreds
of others are documented
and photographically reproduced
in the Artist's two-volume book:

Written during
Eight Years Travel (1832-1839)
amonsgt the Wildest Tribes of
Indians in North America.

The unabridged edition by Dover Publications is reproduced
from the original 1844 text. The original oil paintings and
black-&-white sketches are our National Treasures introduced in text
in 1965 by the Smithsonian Institution in CATLIN'S INDIAN GALLERY--
The George Catlin paintings in the United States National Museum.

published works. . . .

Jaguar King, ISBN: 1-4392-1240-6

A Maya warlord gives a doomed peasant girl the chance of star-crossed destiny with his team of royal ballplayers on the road to empire up the Mississippi River. Prequel to Madoc & Madoc's Hundred, available at Amazon.

Read an archaeologist's review in the Menu above of Jaguar King and its companion series Madoc and Madoc's Hundred.

Published 1990 by Bantam Books Inc., originally published as a stand alone novel; reissued as Book One in the Madoc Saga by Authors Guild back-in-print (iUniverse) available at Amazon.com.

MADOC Bantam First Edition 1990 ISBN: 0-553-28277-8

Madoc's Hundred was originally published as the sequel to Madoc by Bantam Books. Reissued as the Second book in the Madoc Saga by Authors Guild back-in-print with iUniverse, it is available as both the original paperback and the larger quality paperback available at Amazon.com and I Universe. Covers of both editions are reproduced here. . . .

MADOC'S HUNDRED Bantam First Edition ISBN: 0-553-28521-1

Authors don't always get to title their books. Woman Called Arkansas is the same book about the Father of Arkansas-- Henri deTonti-- as Bantam's River of Destiny.

Woman Called Arkansas, ISBN 0-595-14029-7

Woman Called Arkansas earned Henri deTonti's love along with the wrath of French King Louis the VIX, who never forgave his soldier for mating with what Louis considered a savage woman.

Weeononka, Fleet Woman of the Quapaw, was much, much more than that. In the sequel to Woman Called Arkansas, His Majesty unaware will get the chance to meet Mademoiselle Arkansas among the half-dozen Native Americans history records he invited to live the rest of their lives as specimens in his private zoo at Versailles.

Short story in Infinity One first published in 1970 by Lancer Books. Inc. What a thrill to have the story's original Mother character-- She Who Walks in Silver-- as the cover illustration among science fiction greats Asimov, Clarke, Lafferty, McCaffrey, Silverberg.

Inside Mother

The completed, yet-to-be-published 190,000-word novel spins out of the author's first published work, two short stories:

POLIMANDER'S MAN-THING, Analog Science Fiction/​Science Fact Magazine, April 1973, The Conde Nast Publications, Inc., New York
INSIDE MOTHER, Infinity One, A Magazine in Book Form, 1970, Edited by Robert Hoskins, Lancer Books, Inc., New York


Inside Mother from Infinity One and stories by Asimov, Dick, Bester and Ballard were reprinted in the 1983 anothology for German students of English with a brief footnoted lexicon in “Fremdsprachentexte: Science Fiction Stories 1” edited by Herausgegeben von Dieter Wessels, Philipp Reclam jun. Stuttgart, Germany, Universal-Bibliothek Nr. 9156 [2] 1983/​ISBN 3-15-009156-X

Another first--and only poem, Memo to Secretary, was featured in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1966. I recently came across a yellowed note of March 12, 1968 inside a copy of the June issue from Editor Edward L. Ferman rejecting a submitted short story, but adding, ". . . We owe you a small reprint fee. The original check was returned to a North Hollywood address some time ago, 'moved, left no address.' I'm enclosing a new check herewith."
Signed, E. Ferman

The poem was reprinted in "The Best of ..." the Magazine for the previous year. I was delighted to find the hardcover in the Los Angeles Public Library at the end of Hope Street .

Driver, proposed reissue cover

1982 Driver Pinnacle Books original cover: ISBN: 0-523-41278-9

Book I in the Mississippi Saga, available in hard-copy and Kindle at Amazon.
Book II in The Mississippi Saga... 322-years before Columbus, a Welsh sea captain sails west in the wake of the Vikings to save a remnant of his family from destruction by the Norman-English King Henry. Originally published by Bantam Books Inc. (ISBN 0-553-28277-8). Reissued by The Authors Guild, and on sale at Amazon.com (ISBN:0-595-16532-X)
Book III in The Mississippi Saga.... to ensure survival of his New World colony, Madoc joins Shawnee Indian allies, which provokes Iroquois enemies farther north on the Mississippi River. Original Bantam Books title (ISBN: 0-553-28521-1) is reissued by The Authors Guild, available at Amazon.com (ISBN: 0-595-16536-2)
Book V in the Mississippi Saga...A French soldier of fortune and a Quapaw Indian woman risk everything for love in the wilds of French Louisiana. Original Bantam Books title: "River of Destiny" (ISBN 0-553-2586-9), reissued by The Authors Guild under the Author's original title WOMAN CALLED ARKANSAS (ISBN 0-595-14029-7)
A commercial actress gets more than she bargained for when she telepathically hooks up with a TV star revived after near-death experience in a case of stolen identity that ends in madness, murder and ironic new life for both of them. DRIVER is also 109-page screenplay listed on TriggerStreet, and adapted from the Pinnacle Books novel (ISBN: 0-523-41278-9)
Science Fiction
Short Story first published under the byline Pat De Graw in the 1970 paperback anthology Infinity One, by Lancer Books, Inc. with stories by Asimov, Dick, Bester & Ballard. Human orphans raised by a surrogate mechanical mother invent a religion to explain their circumstances. The original story Inside Mother, is the core story, one of 2-dozen log entries stored in the mechanical mother's computer database that is the unpublished 150,000-word novel LOG OF THE DOG, (See works-in-progress on the Home page) Inside Mother was reprinted in the paperback anthology for German students of English with footnoted lexicon, “Fremdsprachentexte: Science Fiction Stories 1” edited by Herausgegeben von Dieter Wessels, Philipp Reclam jun. Stuttgart, Germany, Universal-Bibliothek Nr. 9156 [2] 1983/ISBN 3-15-009156-X
When human astronauts invade his asteriodal home, a telepathic creature steals a radio to connect his silent child with his community. Short story published April 1973 in Analog Science Fact Science Fiction Magazine, under married name Pat DeGraw.