A Maya Indian peasant girl, 5 Night Wing witnesses enactment of the legend of God's first incarnation as a female jaguar playing with a child she loves. To interfere with the big cat's wild desire is a capital offense. When the child playfully bites mama jag's tail, causing her to growl, Wing scares her away under scandalized rebuke from a hundred villagers and their chiefain who orders her to give herself to the Jaguar King for heart sacrifice. On the way to the imperial city, she encounters the hunter Flint, the king's brother on a mission to warn him of invasion by enemy Toltecs.

Wing trades death for life when she substitutes for the king's traitorous Toltec wife in a blood-letting ritual. She finds a friend who turns into a jealous rival after having a vision that Wing is destined for greatness. Events cast Flint and Wing's fate as husband and wife with the king's entourage aboard a fragile raft launched into the treacherous waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They earn their livelihood in life-and-death ballgames. Zac is a star player whose palace guard doubles as his unbeaten team in a fierce game where the losing captain's head is the rubber-encased ball in the next contest.

The exiles trade the raft for war canoes, and recruit hometown challengers in the on-going adventure. One of these is a blue-tattooed prince whose uncle sold him into slavery and usurped his rightful title as king of the first city of 40,000 in what is now the U.S. Zac masterminds an alliance to reclaim Blue's kingdom, but at great personal cost to Wing, who helps build the huge pyramid still standing at Cahokia near St. Louis, Missouri, where a spectacular celestial event fulfills the old enemy's long-ago vision of a her star-crossed destiny.

Book I in the Mississippi Saga, available in hard-copy and Kindle at Amazon.
Book II in The Mississippi Saga... 322-years before Columbus, a Welsh sea captain sails west in the wake of the Vikings to save a remnant of his family from destruction by the Norman-English King Henry. Originally published by Bantam Books Inc. (ISBN 0-553-28277-8). Reissued by The Authors Guild, and on sale at (ISBN:0-595-16532-X)
Book III in The Mississippi Saga.... to ensure survival of his New World colony, Madoc joins Shawnee Indian allies, which provokes Iroquois enemies farther north on the Mississippi River. Original Bantam Books title (ISBN: 0-553-28521-1) is reissued by The Authors Guild, available at (ISBN: 0-595-16536-2)
Book V in the Mississippi Saga...A French soldier of fortune and a Quapaw Indian woman risk everything for love in the wilds of French Louisiana. Original Bantam Books title: "River of Destiny" (ISBN 0-553-2586-9), reissued by The Authors Guild under the Author's original title WOMAN CALLED ARKANSAS (ISBN 0-595-14029-7)
A commercial actress gets more than she bargained for when she telepathically hooks up with a TV star revived after near-death experience in a case of stolen identity that ends in madness, murder and ironic new life for both of them. DRIVER is also 109-page screenplay listed on TriggerStreet, and adapted from the Pinnacle Books novel (ISBN: 0-523-41278-9)
Science Fiction
Short Story first published under the byline Pat De Graw in the 1970 paperback anthology Infinity One, by Lancer Books, Inc. with stories by Asimov, Dick, Bester & Ballard. Human orphans raised by a surrogate mechanical mother invent a religion to explain their circumstances. The original story Inside Mother, is the core story, one of 2-dozen log entries stored in the mechanical mother's computer database that is the unpublished 150,000-word novel LOG OF THE DOG, (See works-in-progress on the Home page) Inside Mother was reprinted in the paperback anthology for German students of English with footnoted lexicon, “Fremdsprachentexte: Science Fiction Stories 1” edited by Herausgegeben von Dieter Wessels, Philipp Reclam jun. Stuttgart, Germany, Universal-Bibliothek Nr. 9156 [2] 1983/ISBN 3-15-009156-X
When human astronauts invade his asteriodal home, a telepathic creature steals a radio to connect his silent child with his community. Short story published April 1973 in Analog Science Fact Science Fiction Magazine, under married name Pat DeGraw.